ISP Filter Policies

Randy Bush randy at
Thu Aug 23 21:27:31 UTC 2007

>> We have some migrations to do from one space to another and having
>> the ability to do some /24 advertisements during that period would 
>> be greatly helpful.
> Always assume you have no visibility everywhere and that your
> squeakiest wheel will have some connection to a site you hadn't 
> considered, believed obscure, etc.  Recall the first clause of 
> the robustness principle and apply it to your signalling. Test
> well in advance of any actual cut.

how?  if i read you aright, you are saying that there will likely be a
few strange folk at the 'edges' of the internet who will have problems
and whine.  but it is extremely hard to get data (i.e. route views, ris,
traceroute servers, ...) from the edge.


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