Does anyone multihome anymore?

David Hubbard dhubbard at
Wed Aug 22 14:31:23 UTC 2007

From: Mike Tancsa
> Hi,
> In my case, I have 6453 and 174 for transit.  I want to get to 577 
> which is directly connected to 6453 and 174. 577 has a higher local 
> pref on paths via 174.  Short of shutting my 174 session (or some 
> deaggregation), I dont have a way to influence how 577 gets back to 
> me.  I can easily exit out 6453, but it does nothing for the return 
> packets.  I have enough capacity on 6453 to handle all my traffic, 
> but its a Draconian step to take and some traffic via 174 is fine and 
> would be worse if I fully shut the session. (ie. peers of 174 
> in Toronto)

That's because Cogent has chosen to not give us the BGP communities
needed to influence traffic destined to you from their other peers.
They're one of the providers I use and I just turn them off when they
are having issues.  With Level 3, for example, I can path prepend to
just certain remote AS's, etc., it's nice to have that control.


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