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Can anyone give a breakdown of the different kinds of content deliver networks? For example, we have Akamai, which appears to be a pure Layer 3 network that is tailored to pushing relatively small files like web pages and we have Lime Light Networks, which is a mix of Layer 1 and Layer 3, that focuses on bigger files like video streams. 

Any insights out there? And what are the major challenges in making scalable content delivery networks?

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We're Juniper right now, but we're looking at the Foundry MLX line for
possible future sites due to cost/performance. So I'd be interested in
folks' experience with Foundry's Terathon gear and associated IronWare
revs. Its supposed to be a lot better than the JetCore stuff
(cam-trashing problems etc.) but it'd be nice to hear what folks are
seeing in real life.

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On Fri, 3 Aug 2007, Robert Boyle wrote:
> At 02:17 AM 8/3/2007, you wrote:
>> Hi,, group
>>   I need some help.
>>    Which equipment is better ( perfomance, availability,
>> scalability, features, Support, and Price ($$$) ) ???
>>   Some experience in the real life ????
> Dependent on your interface needs, if GigE, 10G, (40G & 100G in the
> and POS are all you need, include the Foundry XMR in your eval too.
> solid software and excellent support at a price point which is
> lower than C & J. I don't know the pricing for H.

Any experiences of Foundry routing w/ more complex protocols (PIM, 
MSDP, various IPv6 stuff)?

The last time we tried running non-C/J as a router was a very Extreme 
experience and we swore never again to touch similar router underdogs 
in the future.

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