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Fri Aug 3 02:51:10 UTC 2007

Hi Guys,

It seems to me a lot of virus scanners picked up this behavior in the
days of the "I Love You" and Melissa viruses, when virii tended to
infect documents rather than be self-propagating worms. We haven't lived
in a world where its likely a legitimate sender is unwittingly sending
infected documents for awhile. It'd be nice if  the AV/MTA vendors would
take this feature out, or AV the message before they accept the DATA
section and leave it to the sending mail server to bounce it.


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Once upon a time, Hex Star <hexstar at> said:
> Why would someone in the ISP industry try to spread a virus?
Ironically I
> suppose a ISP admin may have their own computer infected... :P

Why would someone assume that the sender in a virus email is valid?

Also, I want to thank all those with auto-responders that respond to
list email for letting me know about this message to NANOG.
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