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Fri Aug 3 03:25:15 UTC 2007

On Thu, 02 Aug 2007 20:51:10 MDT, "Jason J. W. Williams" said:
> It seems to me a lot of virus scanners picked up this behavior in the
> days of the "I Love You" and Melissa viruses, when virii tended to
> infect documents rather than be self-propagating worms. We haven't lived
> in a world where its likely a legitimate sender is unwittingly sending
> infected documents for awhile. It'd be nice if  the AV/MTA vendors would
> take this feature out, or AV the message before they accept the DATA
> section and leave it to the sending mail server to bounce it.

What? And lose the free opportunity to spam you and tell you how good it is
at finding viruses?

(Particularly annoying when their products usually don't do anything useful
on the platform that I actually send my mail from, but that's another rant)

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