200K prefixes - Weekly Routing Table Report

Greg Boehnlein damin at nacs.net
Sat Oct 14 02:11:47 UTC 2006

On Sat, 14 Oct 2006, Fergie wrote:
> I'll bet you nickels to doughnuts that it won't make much
> of a difference -- in the fact that too may end-ASs originate
> specifics to attempt to "engineer" their traffic....

We got hit by this a couple of months back. We had held out from doing 
policy based routing for many many years, but the sheer number of small 
routes grew to the point where we couldn't handle the full routing table 
and run DCEF at the same time. We were kind of forced into it. Last I 
knew, we accepted anything down to a /24 for Arin allocations, and dropped 
everything below the minimum allocation size for all the other registries.

So far, it has been working great for us, and we were able to buy another 
year or two out of our Cisco gear. But I can see the end of the line 
coming and I believe we are going to need to replace our core routers 
sooner rather than later.


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