AOL Lameness

Steve Atkins steve at
Mon Oct 2 18:18:35 UTC 2006

On Oct 2, 2006, at 11:06 AM, Mike Lyon wrote:

> OK, I should clarify this. The description that is on that link I put
> in my original e-mail doesn't actually describe what is happening, but
> that is the error they spit back at me.
> What really is happening is that the url that is in my e-mail and when
> you reolve it to an IP, if you do a reverse lookup on that IP, it
> comes back with a generic DNS entry that my colo provider has assigned
> to it. So the issue seems to be that the reverse DNS entry and the
> domain name don't match. But this isn't really an issue, a lot of
> providers do it this way.
> But why is AOL being lame with this?

If that's the behaviour you're seeing, and your theory is really the  
for it... odds are that it's a bug. Happens occasionally.

The folks at AOL are usually pretty helpful - I'd suggest calling their
postmaster group and asking them for help (there's a link for that on
the URL you posted). They're the only ones who can help you diagnose
what's going on further, I suspect.


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