Black Frog - the botnets keep coming

Gadi Evron ge at
Thu May 25 13:31:13 UTC 2006

On Thu, 25 May 2006, Niels Bakker wrote:
> * ge at (Gadi Evron) [Thu 25 May 2006, 12:38 CEST]:
> >Sometimes being quiet is not going to win the war.
> It would behoove you, however, to not cry wolf so often

The fact that you believe that I cry wolf, shows just how sad the
situation really is.

Half a million new bots a day isn't that high of a number, I suppose.

How long before ecommerce becomes impracticle? :) Far from relevant to
NANOG. Or is it?

DNS beind abused like there is no tomorrow on the operational level (not
infrastructure level) and no one (almost) even noticing is obviously not

The Internet is not going to die tomorrow, but I care more about it as an
inter network than any one network connected to it, which is the job of
most people here.

We are all techs, but the decision if for example, block ports at ISP's to
stop worms isn't going to be a tech decision, much like hypocritically,
ISP's these days block streaming media or P2P for extra cash. It's a
business decision that will eventually save or kill the Internet, and to
be honest, I see nothing wrong with it.

I just am happy there are some people who hold back the tide of the war we
already lost, before governments catch up.


> 	-- Niels.

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