Black Frog - the botnets keep coming

David Ulevitch davidu at
Thu May 25 13:16:04 UTC 2006

On May 25, 2006, at 5:37 AM, Niels Bakker wrote:

> * ge at (Gadi Evron) [Thu 25 May 2006, 12:38 CEST]:
>> Sometimes being quiet is not going to win the war.
> It would behoove you, however, to not cry wolf so often

Maybe it would behoove network operators to not encourage kids to  
build distributed botnet systems[1] in the name of vigilante justice:

Blue Security shouldn't be glorified for what they did, they should  
be nailed for DoS'ing SixApart.


1: Granted, based on those pictures, we might not have a lot to worry  
about... ;)

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