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Peter Dambier peter at
Wed May 24 10:53:32 UTC 2006

Michael.Dillon at wrote:
>>>The NANOG meeting archives are full of presentations as the result
>>>of very sophisticated network monitoring.  Like most technology,
>>>it can be used for good and evil.  You can't tell the motivation
>>>just from the technology.
> OK, so he says in a roundabout way that you are
> already paying for some sophisticated network monitoring
> and it probably won't cost you much to just give
> some data to the "authorities".
>>Sean, please drop this subject. You have no experience here and it's
>>annoying that you keep making authoritative claims like you have some
>>operational experience in this area. If you do, please do elaborate
>>and correct me. From what I understand from the folks at SBC, you
>>did not run harassing call, annoyance call, and LAES services. I would
>>appreciate a correction.
> Huh!?!?!?
> Are you saying that people should buzz off from 
> the NANOG list if they change jobs and their latest
> position isn't operational enough? Are you saying that
> people should not be on the NANOG list unless they
> have TELEPHONY operational experience?
> What is the world coming to!?
> --Michael Dillon

The guy wants to say, please raise your eyes above the horizon of your
plate and view a not yet existing country named europe. Here our
infrastructure is a lot more advanced and we have standardized a
common eavesdropping api. That makes sense with shifting points of
view from IRA and Basque Separatists to the European Central Bank
everybody can use the standart API and start listening. Of course
nobody except the European Central Bank is allowed listening, but -
who cares?

I am told china too is very advanced. But I am shure North America
will catch up fast.

Or does he mean Operations, the IRA guys who are running the London
Docklands eavesdropping facility, that connects europe via the glc

</ranting> <? remember where we started ???

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