[Way OT] Re: Geo location to IP mapping

Jeroen Massar jeroen at unfix.org
Wed May 17 19:57:07 UTC 2006

On Wed, 2006-05-17 at 08:09 -1000, Scott Weeks wrote:
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> From: Jeff Rosowski <rosowskij at ie.ymp.gov>
> > > I just tried that, says I'm 100 miles south of where I
> > > really am. That's  quite a long way out in a small
> > country like England.
> > 
> > Only 100 miles?  I entered the address of a box I have in
> > Virginia, and it  says it's in California.  Well at least
> > it got the country right. 
> One of the geolocation thingies said my addresses were in
> Amsterdam.  That's only 10,000 miles from Hawaii.  2500
> miles more and that's exactly the opposite side of the
> planet...  ;-)

Try http://www.hostip.info it is reasonable accurate in most cases and
hell it is for free. It depends what you need it for of course but it is
far better than nothing., your mauigateway.com pops up correctly as Honolulu. is guessed to be somewhere random in the US.

The problem with this one is that they are still gathering data and they
depend on user input, but it looks pretty accurate to what I have found

Most of these kind of databases rely on user input though. I am quite
sure that Google, using their search thing and especially Orkut has
quite some info on this. Shopping Sites like Ebay and Amazon of course
get their shipping info for free and thus can pretty much pinpoint the
city correctly after $x percentage of customers bought from there.
Problem in the end is of course when there is a huge pool and the
end-users change a lot, but then the country is accurate enough already.


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