[Way OT] Re: Geo location to IP mapping

Roland Perry lists at internetpolicyagency.com
Tue May 23 19:03:33 UTC 2006

In article <1147895827.15487.5.camel at firenze.zurich.ibm.com>, Jeroen 
Massar <jeroen at unfix.org> writes
>Try http://www.hostip.info it is reasonable accurate in most cases and
>hell it is for free. It depends what you need it for of course but it is
>far better than nothing.
>The problem with this one is that they are still gathering data and they
>depend on user input, but it looks pretty accurate to what I have found

The problem with their "user input" is that the result they return is 
typically the ISP NOC location (in my case 200 miles south of me, about 
halfway across the country).

If I "correct" this, then suddenly all my ISP's users appear to be 
located in the same town as me. Which is probably more wrong than them 
all appearing to be where they've guessed the NOC location to be.
Roland Perry

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