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On Mar 26, 2006, at 6:21 AM, neal rauhauser wrote:

>  They had no off site backup of any of their data and there was no  
> configuration information on their network beyond my recall of what  
> I'd help install two years before the tornado. This is certainly a  
> testament to the value of clean livin', but I sure wouldn't  
> recommend that as a DR strategy.

This is still my favorite tornado/network related item:

Back in the early days I was out of the town for I think one of the  
first times ever after starting the business (at ISPC maybe?).  I  
logged on to see a huge drop in the number of people dailed up at a  
time when it should have been going up.  I was a bit freaked out when  
I noticed at the same time the temperature had fallen 40 degrees in  
about 20 minutes.  A quick call home let me connect the dots.


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