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On Mon, 06 Mar 2006 17:05:52 -0500
Daniel Golding <dgolding at> wrote:

> ARIN (and/or RIPE, APNIC) should really use a bit of their budget surplus to
> provide a few grants to economics professors who are experts in commodity
> market issues. As engineers, we grope in the dark concerning fairly well
> established scientific principles we are unfamiliar with. Its like
> reinventing the wheel. :(

For a view by some computer scientists, see:

Yakov Rekhter, Paul Resnick, and Steven M. Bellovin, "Financial
Incentives for Route Aggregation and Efficient Address Utilization in
the Internet," in Proceedings of Telecommunications Policy Research
Conference, Solomons, MD..Also in  Brian Kahin and James H. Keller,
eds., Coordinating the Internet, MIT Press, 1997

We even held a BoF at an IETF, long ago.  The enthusiasm was, shall we
say, underwhelming.

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