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Tue Mar 7 02:31:51 UTC 2006

On 3/6/06 6:14 PM, "Stephen Sprunk" <stephen at> wrote:

> Thus spake "Daniel Golding" <dgolding at>
>> On 3/6/06 10:25 AM, "Stephen Sprunk" <stephen at> wrote:
>>> So, unless there's policy change, most end-user orgs will have no
>>> choice but to pay the market rate for IPv4 addresses.  Spot markets
>>> are good when demand is elastic, but we're faced with a market that
>>> has growing inelastic demand that will outstrip fixed supply in a
>>> decade.  Capitalism doesn't handle that well.
>> There will be a average cost per host to transition from v4 to v6. When
>> the
>> cost of IPv4 addresses exceeds the transition cost, then you have the one
>> thing missing from IPv6 discussions: an ROI.
> Please quantify the cost of not being able to multihome your
> mission-critical business.  Compare to the cost of obtaining an IPv4 PI
> block.  Both are likely to exceed the possible revenue for small businesses
> at some point not too far off.

This is of course, making the assumption (which may be in error) at PI IPv6
space will happen, through 2005-1 or some other policy. Absent PI IPv6
space, IPv6 simply wont happen, shim6 or not.

Daniel Golding

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