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>> Is there something inherently wrong with independent
>> organizations deciding where to send their packets?
> 1. Many a transit seems to think so.
> 2. Is there an inherent need?
> 3. Is this DPA+sourceroute cocktail the best method?

What Eddy said and also: The designers of shim6 seem to live in a different
network security world than I do. Even assuming that shim6 ever gets
deployed, which is pretty close to complete fantasy, the threat of a massive
TE botnet being used to control large amounts of Internet traffic is a
serious threat to Internet stability. Right now, DDoS attacks from Botnets
are bad enough. Think about what happens when they have source routing

Shim6 is a non-starter. A critical mass of host OS's will not get their
software upgraded to support this in the next 5 years - there isn't running
code ANYWHERE. Time to stop screwing around.

There is a tremendous amount of effort being wasted here arguing against it
and even more so in the IETF, where time being wasted on shim6 could be
better spent on a new IDR paradigm.

Where is the IETF leadership?

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