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Gustavo Lozano glozano at
Thu Mar 2 23:16:06 UTC 2006

At 11:27 AM 3/2/2006 -0500, Daniel Golding wrote:
>There is a tremendous amount of effort being wasted here arguing against it
>and even more so in the IETF, where time being wasted on shim6 could be
>better spent on a new IDR paradigm.
>Where is the IETF leadership?

I think the IRTF is the right place to discuss the new IDR paradigm.

"This research group is chartered to explore routing problems that 
are important to the development of the Internet but are not yet 
mature enough for engineering work within the IETF. The group will 
work closely with the IESG Routing Area Directors to ensure the free 
flow of information in both directions and avoid duplication of work 
with the various IETF working groups.

The first steps taken in the RRG consisted of conducting a survey the 
state of the art in routing research, the needs of the user community 
(ISPs, router vendors, etc.) and the history of routing requirements. 
While this work will be ongoing as the state of research and of needs 
changes, the next step involves taking a number of the problem 
brought out in the analysis and focusing on these issues.


The current set of sub-groups includes:

Future Domain Routing Scalability"


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