Hot weather and power outages continue

Frank Bulk frnkblk at
Tue Jul 25 02:01:03 UTC 2006

Our small operation has outfitted our Calix shelves in the field with a
minimum 8 hours of run time.  If they would run low we would re-charge them
with portable generators.  We just consider it the cost of doing business.


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> While its expected for individual customers to go down during power
> outages, usually because the customer does not have local backup power, it
> is less common for major web sites and co-location centers to experience
> downtime during power outages.

Except if you're in Qwest territory.  Apparently they don't put any battery 
backup at their mini-DSLAMs and such.  Every time we lose power, I'm still 
up, but the DSL signal goes away.  Haven't checked dialtone, but I keep 
meaning too during the next outage.

Now I know it's not exactly fair singling out Qwest, because I'll bet 
Verizon and others share the same thing, and I'm pretty sure it's just 
their ADSL service and not the  voice service (I haven't checked though) 
it's still becoming more and more common that as an individual user your 
connection to the internet, unless you're paying for something other than 
ADSL or Cable, will be just as affected by local power outages.

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