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Tue Feb 21 06:06:57 UTC 2006

bmanning at wrote:
> On Mon, Feb 20, 2006 at 07:49:04PM -0600, Rob Thomas wrote:
>>Hey, Bill.
>>] 	wht is the mean-time-to-infection for a stock windows XP system
>>] 	when plugged intot he net?... 2-5minutes?  you can't get patches
>>] 	down that fast.
>>The same case can be made for Linux and Unix-based web servers with
>>vulnerable PHP-based tools.  There's also a large number of poorly
>>configured devices such as routers with easily guessed passwords,
>>overly permissive DNS name servers, etc.
>>It's not simply a Windows problem.
> 	true enough.  but "auntie jane" doesn't have linux/unix web server(s)
> 	or router(s) (other than the one provided by her ISP and managed by them)
> 	and has zero clue about overly permissive <service> machines.
> 	me thinks it is a -much- larger pool that gets taken advantage of
> 	wiht a much higher threshold of ignorance about problems. 
> --bill

You described it best, and home users are indeed the problem discussed.

However, the amount of insecure routers out there is scary by itself. 
Rob has a lot more data on that than me and I don't doubt what he said.


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