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Rob Thomas robt at
Tue Feb 21 06:21:47 UTC 2006

Hey, Bill.

The vast majority of what I see is based on financial gain.
Popping a web+database server, installing a rootkit, and
transferring off the day's business transactions is a lot more
certain than popping 10K Windows boxes and hoping the users go
shopping.  Yep, seen it more than once.  Check your PHP-based
tools, folks.

According to the criminals, Internet-wide mayhem would really
get in the way of the revenue stream.  They need a stable
Internet to get the cash.

Cleaning out bank accounts is more lucrative than one might
suspect.  The current record observed by us is approximately US
$3M in one take.  Most of them are much smaller.  That bothers
me more, actually.  What person with only US $800 to their name
has a hope of rapid response to the loss of all their cash?

Just to be clear I agree that home users using Windows are at
risk for all sorts of nasty things, and they need help.  I also
didn't want folks to believe that it is a problem related to
one OS or demographic.  It's a problem of crime, mostly.

Rob Thomas
Team Cymru
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