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Tue Feb 21 01:42:45 UTC 2006

> Edward W. Ray wrote:
> >IMHO, a user should have to demonstrate a minimum amount of expertise and
> >have a up-to-date AV, anti-spyware and firewall solution for their PCs.
> The mostly-user ISP's will have to eventually do something or end up 
> being either regulated, spending more and more and more on tech support 
> and/OR abuse personnel, or written down as blackhat AS's.
> 	Gadi.

	if i may 
	to borrow a bit more from the "licensed to net" analogy...
	are vendors being let off scott free and leaving the burden of 
	responsibility to the consumer?  ISPs are the roads (likley toll)
	and they should not be forced to create barriers, speed bumps,
	and control mthods for poor drivers who are sold crap for vechiles.
	wht is the mean-time-to-infection for a stock windows XP system
	when plugged intot he net?... 2-5minutes?  you can't get patches
	down that fast.

	i'm begining to think that botnet like structures are in fac t the
	wave of the future.  ... and instead of trying to irradicate them, we should 
	be looking at ways to use botnet like structures for adding value to
	an increasingly more connected mesh of devices.  ...  

	of course YMMV - but i'm not persuaded that botnet.hivemind constructs are
	-NOT- inherently evil... they can be turned that way, but if there is a
	value to such things, we ought to be able to use them for our own


--bill  (who really has better things todo, but slugs are still in bed...)

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