protocols that don't meet the need...

Michael.Dillon at Michael.Dillon at
Wed Feb 15 10:23:56 UTC 2006

> opportunity for those who can't justify the extra trips to at least have
> some feedback to try and close the loop on protocol design.

Joint meetings are all well and good but are not necessary for
feedback. NANOG folks can join IETF mailing lists here
and post their feedback. Or, better yet, they can write
their studied opinions in an Internet Draft and submit that
to the IETF. There are guidelines and a checklist here for those who are willing
to take the time. Note that because this document is
a draft, submitted for discussion and comment, it is not
necessary to be as complete as an RFC. Some drafts that
eventually become RFCs, go through many revisions.

The point is that the IETF is open to receiving feedback,
ideas, opinions, in written form. You don't have to go to
a meeting and argue your case in a room full of hostile
vendors and programmers. A steady stream of Internet drafts
and mailing list comments from operators will probably have
more effect that a few meeting visits.

--Michael Dillon

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