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Wed Feb 15 01:12:03 UTC 2006

On Tue, 14 Feb 2006, Tony Hain wrote:

> A thought I had on the plane last night about the disconnect between the
> NANOG and IETF community which leaves protocol development to run open-loop.

[Hm, what happened last night that I missed]
I rather thought today's talk (last one in morning) by Randy Bush might 
have been pushed you to write this ...

> Rather than sit back and complain about the results, why not try to
> synchronize meeting times. Not necessarily hotels, but within a reasonable
> distance of each other so the issue about ROI for the trip can be mitigated.

You mean like NANOG and IETF both having meeting in Dallas?

> This will mean that people who regularly attend both will have overlap
> issues

Its difficult enough to make it for one week for conference. Taking two 
weeks off for two conferences is too much to ask for must of us I think.

>, but if one meeting every year or two is joint there is an
> opportunity for those who can't justify the extra trips to at
> least have some feedback to try and close the loop on protocol design.

I think better way is to have at least one track (from 2nd part of day) at 
NANOG devoted to IETF related issues. New BOFs that happen at IETF can be
repeated at NANOG plus people from IETF might discuss current milestones
and direction for workgroup of interest to those at NANOG.

William Leibzon
Elan Networks
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