Anyone heard of INOC-DBA?

Bill Woodcock woody at
Sat Feb 4 21:30:33 UTC 2006

      On Sat, 4 Feb 2006, Jeroen Massar wrote:
    > Maybe the RIR's should keep a "Free VoIP phone with each ASN" special?

NIC.BR, the Brazilian NIR, does exactly that...  they've given out about 
200 INOC-DBA phones with ASNs in the last three years.  NetNod does the 
same in Sweden, and the WAIA does the same in Australia...  All told I 
think about 500 of the INOC-DBA phones out there were given out in that 
manner, though not by RIRs per se.

    > (Though they would have to raise their membership fees then I guess)

Probably not, actually...  To the best of my knowledge, the RIRs pretty 
much all run budget surpluses that they can't get membership agreement as 
to what to do with.


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