Anyone heard of INOC-DBA?

Jeroen Massar jeroen at
Sat Feb 4 21:02:54 UTC 2006

Something I (unless skipped) didn't see being mentioned in the former
threads was:, although meant for peerings it
does contain quite a large number of direct links/phones to various
NOC's and a lot of other very useful information.

On Fri, 2006-02-03 at 15:59 -0500, Richard A Steenbergen wrote:

> With all due respect to the INOC-DBA project, which is actually somewhat 
> interesting (from a "I want to play with free IP phones too" perspective 
> if nothing else), it isn't a workable solution to operational contacts 
> yet.

The only real issue I see is that it would require a major part of the
NOC's to be present to be really effective. Currently for the NOC's that
are there this seems to work perfectly well.

Maybe the RIR's should keep a "Free VoIP phone with each ASN" special?
(Though they would have to raise their membership fees then I guess)

> Among other reasons, it seems that the vast majority of the users are just 
> people playing around with it at their desk in the office, never expecting 
> it to ring for anything serious.

I've been at a couple of places where the INOC-DBA phones are at least
in grabbing distance, usually literaly next to the normal phone, unless
the POTS system was integrated with some VoIP system and the POTS came
in over the VoIP phone.

> It might be more interesting if people 
> actually set up 1234*NOC extensions, but seems like a far 
> more effective choice. The INOC-DBA system so far doesn't seem to 
> integrate particularly will with existing NOC phones or systems that are 
> not IP based, and you really have to go out of your way to get it to 
> forward to multiple people like say an engineer on duty.

Just install an asterisk, add one of the POTS cards et tada you have
your POTS and VoIP system integrated as one solution. For INOC-DBA you
need a VoIP gateway, but the endpoint doesn't need to be VoIP ;) Call
forwarding is one of the really nice features of any phone system.

Personally I think that VoIP systems are really nice especially from the
perspective where one can roam around with the endpoint and/or login
using multiple methods and just pick it up wherever one wants

   (hats off for the PCH folks!)

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