Best networks with international presence..

Joe Abley jabley at
Mon Dec 18 19:49:44 UTC 2006

On 18-Dec-2006, at 12:04, Joel Jaeggli wrote:

> Drew Weaver wrote:
>>     I am looking for opinions of what US carriers have the best
>> connectivity with the international players such as teleglobe, etc.
>> Mainly, we are trying to determine if there is any way for us to get
>> less latency from teleglobe's customers to our network (we  
>> currently see
>> something like 1100 ms in teleglobe's london POP in traceroutes  
>> from our
>> customers to our network).
> You sure the cpu on the teleglobe router in the path isn't just  
> pegged?
> If the rtt for the whole path is 400ms but one hop in the middles  
> shows
> 1100ms you're probably measuring the performance of the scheduler  
> in the
> OS the router is running not rtt to and from that router, packets  
> going
> through it rather than to it likely take a different path through  
> the box.
> Of course if the customer's rtt is 1100+ ms then sure there's probably
> serious congestion on one of those links.

Or the return path from that router is asymmetric, and involves a few  
congested hops into space and back. Teleglobe has customers in many  
parts of the world where such things are not so unusual.


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