Best networks with international presence..

Joel Jaeggli joelja at
Mon Dec 18 17:04:24 UTC 2006

Drew Weaver wrote:
>     I am looking for opinions of what US carriers have the best
> connectivity with the international players such as teleglobe, etc.
> Mainly, we are trying to determine if there is any way for us to get
> less latency from teleglobe's customers to our network (we currently see
> something like 1100 ms in teleglobe's london POP in traceroutes from our
> customers to our network).

You sure the cpu on the teleglobe router in the path isn't just pegged?
If the rtt for the whole path is 400ms but one hop in the middles shows
1100ms you're probably measuring the performance of the scheduler in the
OS the router is running not rtt to and from that router, packets going
through it rather than to it likely take a different path through the box.

Of course if the customer's rtt is 1100+ ms then sure there's probably
serious congestion on one of those links.

> thanks for any opinions/advice.
> -Drew


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