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Jack Bates jbates at
Wed Dec 13 22:04:21 UTC 2006

Michael.Dillon at wrote:
> One wonders whether it might not be more effective in the
> long run to sue ICANN/IANA rather than suing

Of course, it could be that I used the wrong term. IANAL after all. Perhaps the 
right term was injunction? Does that qualify as a lawsuit? Unfortunately, people 
seem to think the legal system is strictly about money. Perhaps it is. However, 
in the process of people getting money, I've noticed people have solved their 
initial problem temporarily.

besides, it didn't look like it really took all that much to solve the problem. Surely people don't pay their lawyers without first 
yelling, screaming, and calling everyone and their dog (or posting to NANOG) in 
the attempt to get what they want first. :)


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