Gtld transfer process

Jim Popovitch jimpop at
Fri Jan 21 05:11:58 UTC 2005

> I can confirm that ********* did get in touch with our Production 
> Manager (*********) around 1pm Sunday 

What I want to know, as a customer of a domain registrar and a holder of
many domains, is why wasn't the person/company paying for the domain
contacted through out this process?  It seems to me that the majority of
the communications"was between people who contributed nothing to the
domain and had nothing to loose by corruption of the domain.

Clearly, in my mind, the process seems broken.  Abounding apologies do
nothing to assure my concerns that this problem will re-occur.  I
sincerely doubt that the outcome would be as quick and complete if the
domain in question wasn't as substantial as  

-Jim P.

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