email fixed ?

Peter Corlett abuse at
Mon Jan 17 11:02:12 UTC 2005

Simon Waters <simonw at> wrote:
> Finally our main email server seems to be able to contact
> - so only a month of email gone. No idea if this
> is Verizon smelling coffee, or just them whitelisting us.

Port 25 of is still a blackhole as far as
* is concerned, although I can ping and
traceroute the host just fine. All of the incidental little shell
accounts I have scattered around the UK can see it either.

I've tried from virgin IP addresses and even well-known boxes it'd
not be a bad idea to blackhole just in case they'd somehow inverted
the logic on the firewall...

So I'd say that it was you being whitelisted and they haven't ceased
to be a bunch of clueless fsckwits. Alternatively, you've just been
blacklisted and the inverted logic now lets you through :)

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