email fixed ?

Simon Waters simonw at
Mon Jan 17 10:14:22 UTC 2005

Finally our main email server seems to be able to contact - 
so only a month of email gone. No idea if this is Verizon smelling coffee, or 
just them whitelisting us.

Similarly it seems this weekend Hotmail are also happy to get email from us 
again. Seems problem was probably because one of the domains, 
that we forward email onto a hotmail account for, got joe jobbed. Resulting 
in a LOT of spam bounces being forwarded to one hotmail account over a 

Ironically our email server coped fine with the backscatter from the Joe 
Jobbing, but when hotmail servers all refused email (by failing to allow us 
to complete the TCP connection), the resulting increase in email processes 
increased the queue length to the point the email program refused incoming 

Sometimes a polite "no thanks" is the best approach :(

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