soliciting agenda topics for the sunday night meeting

Paul Vixie paul at
Fri Jan 7 17:02:51 UTC 2005

here's the updated agenda, with two changes.

1. added steve feldman's talk.
2. added URL for golding-et-al (as provided by golding-et-al).


introduction	 	martin hannigan			5 minutes
			& paul vixie

program committe	steve feldman			20 minutes

"reform proposal"	dan golding (et al)		15 minutes

Q&A and discussion will follow each presentation, with moderation
but without specific time limits set in advance.


and as before...

> anybody else got anything else?  send to martin, myself, both of us, or
> the [email protected] mailing list if you want to put something on the sunday night
> agenda.

(steve feldman clarified that he's speaking not moderating.)

(we've not heard yet whether betty or susan from merit will also be speaking.)
paul vixie
martin hannigan

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