Energy consumption vs % utilization?

james edwards hackerwacker at
Tue Oct 26 20:18:25 UTC 2004

> Thats an insane statement.
> Are you saying, "You are only wasting money on things if you aren't
> profitable" ?
> /action shakes head.

No, I am not but my statement did sure sound like that was what I was
I do think it is apples or oranges comparing CPU % to total power used and
coming up
with a wasted factor. My colo needs X amps/hour just to run at idle, I don't
call this waste.
It is the cost of doing business. Power factor causes losses. So you need
enough customers to cover
this and other expenses.

I guess we need a definition of waste here.

I would say the the heat produced by pulling all the amp/hrs is waste. It
could be possible to harvest
this and reuse it elsewhere.

So, just because you are profitable does not mean there is no waste but it
also depends on how you
classify waste. Also, do the methods to avoid this waste justify (pay for
over time) their use.

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