Tracking the bad guys

Sean Donelan sean at
Mon May 31 01:58:50 UTC 2004

Microsoft now employs 100 people with a budget of $10 million dollars (Ok,
if you do the math, the average salary is a bit low if they also have
benefits or any equipment) to track down people attacking Microsoft's
Hotmail service, online fruad, identity theft and spyware.  The Direct
Marketing Association pays 15 detectives $500,000 (even a lower salary)
to work with FBI agents (which are paid government salaries).

  "Initially you start to work backwards from the e-mail and find that to
  be a very frustrating route," said Daniel Larkin, chief of the FBI's
  Internet Crime Complaint Center, the unit that is coordinating Project
  Slam Spam.  "that doesn't lead to a live body.  We have collectively
  realized you have to go the other way and follow the money trail."

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