Load Balancing Multiple DS3s (outgoing) on a 7500

Rodney Dunn rodunn at cisco.com
Thu May 20 22:46:59 UTC 2004


Something that was just released that you might be interested
in if you haven't already found an alternate solution.


It's a new feature in 12.3(8)T.


On Fri, Mar 12, 2004 at 10:39:16PM -0500, Drew Weaver wrote:
>             Does anyone know of an article, or documentation regarding load
> balancing the traffic on 3 or more FastEthernet interfaces on the outgoing
> direction? Right now we're running BGP internally, and the routes that are
> being chosen based upon the final BGP decision step or what I like to call
> the 'IP address tie breaker' which is not always optimal. We have a cisco
> 7500 that is connected to 4 other Cisco 7500s which each have 45Mbps ds3s to
> the Internet, we would like to load balance the outgoing traffic across all
> 4 of these 7500s, can anyone shine any advice my way? I noticed that there
> are instructions on Cisco's site regarding doing LB on 12000s.
> Anyways thanks in advance ;-)
> -Drew

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