CiSCO IOS 12.* source code stolen

Alexei Roudnev alex at
Tue May 18 18:14:45 UTC 2004

I am sure, that people over-estimates benefits of object-orienting and
modular software. Cisco IOS is a very good example of old fashioned, VERY
SOLID software.
If it was written on C++ with templates and other tricks, it will have 10
times more bugs (good example - MS Windows, full of small bugs, which are
not so important in GUI software but are fatal for the router).

It is not an occasion, that Cisco did not release modular IOS yet. Of
course, you _must_ know, how to program on plain C and plain F77, instead of
knowing only VC wizard
and GUI studio (the worst thing I ever saw was old MS visual studio). So, it
can be very useful..

(It does not mean, that object orienting programming is bad - it is just one
more solid programming approach, tool - but it is not the only tool in the

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