fwd: CiSCO IOS 12.* source code stolen

Roy Bentley nanog at royb.org
Sat May 15 20:34:11 UTC 2004

Babelfish translation of http://www.securitylab.ru/45221.html

15 May 2004
Leakage of the initial code CiScO IOS?

As it became known SecurityLab, on 13 May, 2004, were stolen all initial 
codes of the operating system CISCO IOS 12.3, 12..3t, which is used in the 
majority of the net devices of company CISCO. The total volume of the 
stolen information is approximately 800Mb in the archive.
According to the information available to us, the leakage of the fragments 
of the initial code occurred because of the breaking of the corporate 
network Cisco System. Representatives Cisco System thus far in no way 
comment on the occurred incident.

Information flowed away from nobody man hearth no franz on # darknet at EFnet 
IRC where it and granted the small part of the initial codes (about 2.5 
mb.) as the proof.

They are lined below on 100 first lines of the initial code of file 
ipv6_.tcp.c and ipv6_.discovery_.test.c.

Information granted DHG

ipv6_.discovery_.test.c - Neighbor Discovery unit tests.
ipv6_.tcp.c - IP version 6 support functions for TCP

At 16:21 05/15/2004, John Kinsella wrote:

>For those not on bugtraq...I can't hit securitylab.ru, so would be
>curious if anybody has more info or confirmation...
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>More information (in Russian, of course) and some little stolen code can be
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