New VOIP Peering/Interconnection Mailing List Announcement

Daniel Golding dgolding at
Fri May 14 19:09:00 UTC 2004

On 5/14/04 2:49 PM, "Paul Vixie" <vixie at> wrote:

> dgolding at (Daniel Golding) writes:
>> Open exchange of ideas is the goal!
>> Please feel free to forward this announcement freely.
>> Post message:
>> VOIP-Peering at
>> Subscribe:
>> VOIP-Peering-subscribe at
> could you put the list someplace else?  i don't accept e-mail from yahoo here,
> since they don't do any kind of permission/verification and i got tired of
> JHD.
> which is too bad since i'm very interested in the topic of this mailing list.
> if you need a place to host a mailing list, i could ask around at my day job.


Good point. I was (correctly) blasted for my poor choice of location by a
number of folks. Most also offered space of list hosting, which was very
nice (thanks, Vinny!)

Randy Bush made the first offer of space, so the new list address is:
voip-peering-request at The new list address is voice-peering at

For those who subscribed to the old address, I'll send out these
instructions there as well. My apologies for the inconvenience.

Daniel Golding
Network and Telecommunications Strategies
Burton Group

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