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Sat May 8 13:13:01 UTC 2004

On Sat, 2004-05-08 at 03:30, william(at) wrote:
> On Sat, 8 May 2004, Iljitsch van Beijnum wrote:
> > On 8-mei-04, at 1:18, william(at) wrote:

> > > but is ripe really using ip6 20 times more then rest of the world?
> > 
> > Not 20 times obviously... But the ARIN region does very little v6, 
> > while in Europe there are many more small ISPs than in Asia, which 
> > leads to a larger number of assignments/allocations.
> My understanding is that they have made twice as many ip6 allocations as 
> rest of the world combined! That is very impressive indeed!!!
> But its still not enough reason for them to have received more then 10 
> times ip6 space from IANA as rest of the RIRs combined...

See for the big list(tm)
containing per country stats (includes 6bone).

Growth stats at

for lazy people:
At the moment of writing a total of 731 TLA's*:

RIPE:   332 allocated, 200 (60.24%) announced, 1 returned
APNIC: 150 allocated,   99 (66.00%) announced
ARIN:     90 allocated,   39 (43.33%) announced
LACNIC: 14 allocated,     2 (14.29%) announced
6BONE: 144 allocated, 107 (74.31%) announced, 19 returned

Notez bien that the US does have 26 6bone allocations that are going
away per 6/6/6. Of the 105 allocations, including the 6bone's, only 55
are visible in the global routing table. Germany has 41 visible entries
by itself. Even the Netherlands already has 27 visible allocations.

* = Top Level Allocations, thus from RIR to LIR, normal allocations are
also given from LIR's to sub-LIR's.

Might I add that I am wondering why the US is sticking so far behind? :)
I heared that for instance Abilene does IPv6, but do they have any
users? Having never seen any traffic stats, except for iperfs generated
ones, nor any other visible usage is quite ehmm lazy I guess, so come on
wake up!


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