New IANA allocations to RIPE NCC

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Sat May 8 02:07:24 UTC 2004

On Sat, 8 May 2004, Bastiaan Spandaw wrote:

> On Sat, 2004-05-08 at 03:30, william(at) wrote:
> > My understanding is that they have made twice as many ip6 allocations as 
> > rest of the world combined! That is very impressive indeed!!!
> > But its still not enough reason for them to have received more then 10 
> > times ip6 space from IANA as rest of the RIRs combined...
> Hmmm.. what about massive amount of IPV4 space assigned to the small
> piece of earth's landmass called USA....?

Exactly my point!!! We don't want IANA to be repeating now same thing 
as was done early in the internet with assignments of legacy /8 and /16s.

P.S. For IPv4 I've been working on additional graphical statistics info
that lists general amount of space assigned to ISPs/organizations on per 
country basis and separates it all based on assignments done in what I 
consider to be 3 main IR assignment periods (legacy iana direct - up to 
around 1993/1994, early-IR - up to 1997/1998 and modern RIRs after that). 
Additionally there would be two sepratepages, one that includes IANA /8 
direct assignments (which I must say completely changes the picture) 
and one that does not include that. If I have time I might actually finish 
this over the weekend.

William Leibzon
Elan Networks
william at

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