Anit-Virus help for all of us??????

William Allen Simpson wsimpson at
Mon Nov 24 23:20:18 UTC 2003

Brian Bruns wrote:
> One thing that many people don't realize (from my personal experience) is
> that contrary to popular belief, Win98SE is a good all around desktop OS to
> use.  It can run most things like productivity apps and games, and with
> 128-256MB of RAM, its quite fast even on an old laptop like mine.  Unlike
> XP, it doesn't have a million services running, nor does it have the nasty
> UPnP stuff from WinME.  

I agree!  I don't run much M$Windows, with the exception of dual boot 
for occasional games, but I stopped at 98SE, having had problems with 
everything later.

Unfortunately, I cannot keep my relatives and customers from buying 
new machines with XP, the worst thing I've seen yet.
William Allen Simpson
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