This may be stupid but..

Alexei Roudnev alex at
Sun Nov 9 09:07:47 UTC 2003

Recruiters can provide you a group of _average_ engineers, and do not
protect you from a heap of junk.
If you need a 100 new persons for your call center - it's a good way. If you
are looking for _Windows administrator, 100 desktops all Win2K or WinXP,
anti-virus, 2 domains - it is good method too. If you are designing new
software, using new protocol and have 10 patents - use other methods.

Vadim is right, such lists (as nanog) can be much more effective in finding
_highly skilled_ engineers.


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> If this question is inappropriate for this list I apoligize in advance.
> I have several open engineering positions that I am trying to fill without
> the use of a recruiter.  My thoughts on using a recruiter is they end up
> extracting a fee from the employer that would be better put to the future
> employee.
> My question, what is the most effective way to recruit quality engineers?
> Does anyone have experience or opinions to share?
> TIA,
> Shawn

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