This may be stupid but..

Peter Galbavy peter.galbavy at
Mon Nov 10 09:06:19 UTC 2003

Eric Brunner-Williams in Portland Maine wrote:
 of my best hires (at sri, .5k hosts, circa 1987) were simply
> trainable. an english major (f) from reed, and a cs major (m) from a
> school that taught cobol as a modern language -- i hired him for his
> night job skills, managing an auto body shop, managing ordinary joes
> holding tools.

My best hire, now one of my good friends, was someone who was on a
teacher-training course but had to drop out due to a long term illness. She
came to me recommended by my girlfriend-a-the-time as someone who would make
a good office junior. She is now one of the bext web/perl/sql coders I know.

A willingness, nay - a NEED, to learn and be open to new concepts is what
forward moving technology sectors (like ours I hope) need.

Acronyms mean sh*t. When involved in any hiring process, I actively avoid
CCIE/MSCE/etc. laden resumes. Mentioning once, fine. Using them like
religious phrases is an indictation of, well, stupidity.

> i'm recruiter-proof. i'm not sure i'd want anyone who wasn't.

Aye. I have *never* used my CV/Resume in getting a job. I still have one,
but it's very out of date.


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