cooling systems

Mike Tancsa mike at
Wed Nov 5 15:29:29 UTC 2003

Faced with the prospect once again of significantly higher energy prices 
coming to our region, we want to start to look at better and more efficient 
ways to cool our colocation facility.  Right now we have several ton of 
traditional air conditioning units sucking up electricity like its 
free.  As winter is approaching, surely there must be some computer safe 
way to take advantage of all that cold outside to help contain our energy 
costs, not to mention be a little more environmentally friendly.  We were 
thinking we could circulate the air up to the roof and cool it there inside 
some aluminum ducts and then bring it back down.  We dont want to just 
bring in cold air as it is quite dirty outside since we are next to a major 
highway.  Anyone done anything like this before in a computer room setting ?

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