ELAN.NET = Spam House in Disguise

matt at petach.org matt at petach.org
Mon Nov 3 20:09:01 UTC 2003

> > That post was rejected because of the words "porn site". This was quite 
> > clear from the type of filtering message. I'm sure this post will generate
> > exactly the same reply back to me...
> I'm not sure about that.  I spoke with several large ISP abuse desks that 
> have you blackholed, for wasting their time with long-winded and baseless
> "abuse" and "hijacking" complaints day after day, or for previous spam 
> activity behind your network which you neglected to stop and deny to this 
> day.  I figured your mail might have been withheld, or rejected, for one 
> of these reasons.  

My post was rejected for the same phrase, "porn site".  It's
not due to any of the other reasons you pulled from your
nether regions.  I don't know what silly axe you have to
grind with William, but believe me, I'm getting really 
sick of reading about it here.  Please take it elsewhere;
private email would seem to be the best place for it.

Thank you.


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