DDoS detection and mitigation systems

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Sun Nov 2 19:03:32 UTC 2003

I am looking for real world feedback on the effectiveness of DDoS detection
and mitigation devices from Riverhead, Top Layer, ISS (Proventia), Melior,
etc. Some of them make pretty impressive claims of performance, too good to
be true?

This would be used in conjunction with other techniques as part of the
defenses in layers approach to DDoS protection for my client. An important
consideration would be the ability to scale to Gbps rate and beyond.

Also, has anyone deployed Arbor Networks Peakflow or similar platforms to
successfully detect and mitigate sizeable (100+ Mbps) DDoS attacks involving
1,000-20,000 attack sources?

Do you use/develop in-house tools to analyze Netflow on your peering routers
and have that interface in near-realtime with the said routers to null route
(BGP and RPF) the offending sources?

Last but not least, how many of you offer (or would offer) DDoS protection
with strict SLA (e.g. attacks mitigated within X time units) as a
value-added service?



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