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Fri Nov 29 10:59:38 UTC 2002

Wow! One statement about unrest in a country and the flames hit the ceiling.
I've travelled to over twenty countries (incl, one of the two listed below),
many others hostile...and the news about them are very often not too far off
the mark. I'm not trying to dissuade people from attending the conference,
just be aware...of course, if anyone wants to waste anymore bw on this, I'll
have to turn on my deny flames statement.


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      "Poyerd, Denis" <Denis.Poyerd at> wrote:
    > From multiple news sources. Please correct me if I'm wrong, your
    > message happened to come out as I hear about "possible" issues in
    > Nepal.

Oh, come on, don't be a nitwit.  Whois says you're in _Arlington,
Virginia, in the United States_.  Now which do you think is safer,
at home, or going to Nepal for the same period of time?  Let me guess;
have a television, you think Thailand is full of prostitutes, you think
Russia is full of gangsters, and you've never actually been to any of
those three countries.  Am I right?  Free clue: go look at the numbers.

You have my abject apologies, of course, if you're actually Canadian.

For everybody else, yes, I know I'm being grouchy.  I just find this
of behavior incredibly offensive; this kind of reality-defying jingoism
one of the most embarassing things about being identified as an American
while travelling.  Happy Thanksgiving.


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