Testing router code before deployment

Petri Helenius pete at he.iki.fi
Thu Nov 21 19:35:23 UTC 2002

> Just curious what testing protocol people use with router code (IOS or
> JunOS for example) when considering deployment of a new version. Obviously
> the deployment would be made incrementally, but I wonder if you do anything
> more than running it in a lab router for a couple of weeks before the
> initial deployment.
I had the habit of running almost every new IOS version through a series
of tests stressing both performance, convergence and the usualy switching
path bug stuff over a large compliment of interfaces. This was quite frustrating
experience since the vendor never really fixed most of the issues present,
some cases running for two to three years with reproducable problems.
(most rendering the box unusable)

I never got paid to do the same stuff for JunOS so I cannot comment on what
would happen if similar stream of bugs would be submitted to their direction.


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