Testing router code before deployment

Jared Mauch jared at puck.Nether.net
Thu Nov 21 20:06:13 UTC 2002

	Typically testing for (allegedly) fixed defects and historicial
problems unique to ones environment is normal.

	Depending on the level of detail of buglists, etc.. people also
test to insure that there are no reintroduction of old bugs as well
as counter bugs, snmp issues, etc..

	- jared

On Thu, Nov 21, 2002 at 01:50:06PM -0500, Tom Holbrook wrote:
> Just curious what testing protocol people use with router code (IOS or 
> JunOS for example) when considering deployment of a new version. Obviously 
> the deployment would be made incrementally, but I wonder if you do anything 
> more than running it in a lab router for a couple of weeks before the 
> initial deployment.
> Thanks
> -Tom
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