"VeriSign Moves DNS Server To Boost Security"

bmanning at vacation.karoshi.com bmanning at vacation.karoshi.com
Sat Nov 9 12:22:07 UTC 2002

> But seriously are there any volunteers there to run root name servers in 
> Europe and Asia or are people now  expecting to get paid to it through 
> ICANN contract. 

	last time i was offically detailed to care about such things
	the volunteer list was over 100. (circa 1998).
	can't say who would want to get paid for it.

> We do need root name server for every continent and 
> perhaps something like "official mirror" should be considered where 
> somebody would run nameserver with complete mirror of all zones that root 
> name server would have but it would not be considered "official root" name 
> server (but ISPs in its region would know about and us it). Are other 
> regions ever considered something like this to ease load on current root 
> servers or perhaps as a first step to having root server there?

	why on every continent? this way lies madness. look to topology.

	and your mirroring proposal (see otha-sans internet-draft)
	has some serious flaws wrt data integrity that really
	need to be addressed first. that code is slowly coming.

> > 	patience grasshopper. :)
> > 	pushing "J" to a distinctly different broadcast domain
> > 	is the first step to pushing that instance elsewhere.
> > 	pre-ICANN, things moved fairly quickly as compared to
> > 	post-ICANN.


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